We have an office for rent, private entrance, quick access to all of Gotcha's services, and it's within our complex. $500 per month. Give us a call and we'll give you the details.

Here's How We Can Help You

Gotcha Secretarial Services has been in business in the greater Phoenix area for over 33 years. Gotcha offers you a "One Stop" shop for all of your service needs. Our service is unique and supports both individual clients as well as businesses and professional organizations, supplying outstanding services to exceed your needs. We don't offer the "run-of-the-mill" secretarial service that focuses on the "as is" type of service; rather, we provide a complete "hands-on" personalized service. This is the type of service you would expect from your own personal assistant! With this personalized approach, we first learn your business and then with a better understanding of your needs and requirements, we can help you achieve your success. We're prompt, efficient and reliable!


We offer complete transcription services wherein we take your recorded medium and provide you with a complete document in the form of your choice such as a Word document, text document, Word Perfect document, etc. If requested, we can provide a document fully edited or a word for word transcription of your material. We also specialize in legal transcription, which includes, but is not limited to, insurance interviews, investigative reports, manuscript dictation, court proceedings, depositions, medical interviews, client interviews, medical record transcription, etc. We understand the need for complete confidentiality. We do not share any information that you provide with any other source.

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Document Transformation

Any document, such as leases, contracts, forms or any paper documents, can be transformed into a Word document or other software applications. In this process, the original format will be preserved or modified to suit your needs. This is especially helpful with PDF documents in which you would like to make changes.

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Legal Documents, Creation and Filing; Business and Personal Documents; Medical Transcription

One of our largest markets is the legal profession. We supply administrative support to many legal firms.in the valley, assisting them with transcription services such as documenting court proceedings from recorded media, court document preparation, document editing, filing online with the court and many more services. We also assist legal firms in the preparation of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, real estate leases, contracts and other supporting functions.

We can also assist you if you personally need help with filling out documents needed to manage your business or personal life. Our clients also include medical personnel with transcribing notes, records and reports.

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Bookkeeping, Home and/or Office

We can generate and send invoices to your clients, keep track of payments, send reminder notices on late payments, make deposits for you and give you a comprehensive report of your financial status on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. At the end of your fiscal year, we can send all of your records, as needed, to your CPA. We can also help by tracking your expenditures, budgeting needs or just helping you with your checkbook. We can pay your bills, reconcile your accounts and maintain for you a complete record of your financial activity to assist you and your CPA in tax preparation. We use QuickBooks to manage various personal and business accounts for our clients.

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Data Entry, Mass Mailings

Lists of information can be entered and could include a list of names and addresses for mailing purposes, lists of expenses by category, lists of income by type, research statistics, medical information and appointments. We will not only enter the data very quickly, but very accurately as well. Then these lists can be managed in any way you wish, such as sorted by different criteria based on your needs at any given moment. We can develop (or use your current) forms to enter and maintain the data that you need. We also can do mass mailings in a professional manner, whether it be marketing, Christmas Card Envelopes or monthly newsletters.

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Editing and Publishing Manuscripts and Books

Gotcha Secretarial Services has worked on many manuscripts throughout the years with different authors. They have ranged from fiction, autobiographies, family histories and cookbooks. If you have ever had the urge to write a book of any kind, you can hand-write it, use your computer or record it and then bring it to us to create a finished product. We can assist in the writing, editing and the actual publishing of the book. We have had 11 clients' books published in the last two years. This is a very inexpensive opportunity to have anything that is important to you published in a professional manner to give to family, friends, business associates, as well as selling. The books are sold on Amazon and you receive royalties. We will always be available to help you in every way possible. Below are some of the ways we can accomplish this for you:

Typing of manuscript

Formatting per publisher's requirements



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Outside Office Services

We are also available to visit your office on a short term basis to assist you in organization, bookkeeping, filing, etc. We also offer other concierge services for those who need additional services.

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Charges and Fees:

The charge for our service is based on an hourly rate, which is currently $44 per hour for in-house secretarial services (work we do for you at our office) and $49 per hour for bookkeeping services. If we work at your location, we charge $49 per hour for secretarial services and $55 per hour for bookkeeping. It's important to note though, we only charge for time worked. We have no minimum charge and we accept all major credit cards.

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Our Location

Our office is easy to find. From central Phoenix, take the 51 north and exit at Bethany Home. Take Bethany Home west to 16th Street and turn left (South). Take 16th Street to the first light (Missouri) and turn left. We're on the right about 100 yards, the third building from 16th Street.

From the North Valley, take the 51 south and exit at Bethany Home Rd. and follow the instructions above.

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A Great Cookbook. Thoughts to Live By, and Two Great Traveler's Adventures

To purchase any of the books, click on the at the end of the book description. You'll be taken to Amazon.com with the book highlighted. Simply click on the, "Add to cart" button and then proceed to, "Check-out". You can use your AMAZON account if you have one or if you don't, you'll be able to create one.

Even if you don't know how to boil water and really don't care, you'll still read the book cover to cover just for the clever humor and who knows, maybe you'll end up becoming a good cook as well. "Honest John" was known as a great, great cook - always trying new and exciting recipes, as well as inventing his own. Give that man a scotch, show him the kitchen and magic would happen.

One year at Christmas, I decided I wanted to write down thoughts that were important to me to give to my four wonderful children, Jim, Mike, Andy and Kelly. They are the light of my life and I thought if I could teach them anything that might help them in their life, if it could help them in just a little way, it would make me happy. I'm hoping that it might help you also.

Travels in Italy and France - but don't look for museums and churches This is more about food, drink and "speriences"! A down home look at Italy and France.

A trip to Bogata, Columbia and finding a great country with fabulous people in it, as well as finding out why it's no wonder why they're all so slim - do they ever eat? Great, great time!

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